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We Require a Payment for Reservation

Invoices for payment are sent by email upon request.

Terms & Conditions Form

The Digital Form address will be within the Invoice message and can be submitted after filling out and signature.

Cancellations are Required in Writing and subject to a Fee.

  • Transport date changes forgo full refunds and are only subject to a 50% refund

  • 3-1 Days before Transport Reservation date Is subject to a 50% Refund

  • 8 hours or less before Transport Reservation date/time Is subject to NO Refund

Rented Equipment is your Responsibility.

We take the utmost care of your items\equipment whether it be personal or rented; but dirty, damaged or lost items\equipment is your responsibility and any fees associated will be your responsibility.

Late Arrivals and Departures - can be Subjected to Fees

We try to keep everyone happy but tardiness disrupts the next Transport. We try to leave a little wiggle room but sometimes it's necessary to move onto the Next Transport. Don't fret too much as we will be back for you soon, texting will let us know that you are in and waiting for the next available Transport ( Requires additional transport fee as time and gas have already been used ). We always have our phones ready and sending us texts updating your progress helps. Also, we will keep you updated if we are running a little behind.

Texting and Calling Sasquatch Trails

We are on the road a lot and most of it is in the bush. There's many hours where we have no signal. Rest assured that we will respond asap when we get back. Emailing is recommended as it's faster and most time works with a weak signal.

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